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We are an Omaha Metro soccer academy focused on player development, fostering a passion for the game, and promoting a player-centered culture.

DPA is dedicated to developing individual players in improving technique, skills, knowledge, and sportsmanship to be great teammates in the game of soccer.

Club Values

  • Always do what’s right - we are a reflection of our actions

  • Celebrate our teammates - as one improves, we all get better

  • Development is a process - it takes great effort over a long time to be successful

  • Enjoy the competition - sport gives us highs and lows, appreciate the opportunity to play

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We believe that development is a process and results are a byproduct of hard work & a long term growth midset. 

Our training style & team formation are a reflection of these ideas.  We train in large groups with many coaches so that players can have a variety of challenges & grow with their teammates throughout every session.

Many parents and coaches believe that the score is the determining factor of whether a game is won.  Our coaches and families believe that individual skill & teamwork are the best ways for long term success.